The Voice of the County

We are 99.3 County FM

99.3 County FM is a completely volunteer-driven organization.  From our broad range of music programming to specialty programs focused on this beautiful island and the people who call it home, we’re working hard to be your source for all things Prince Edward County.  We’re a community radio station that’s”The Voice of the County”.

How can I help?

  1. DONATE – As your not-for-profit radio station, we need all the financial help we can get.  Consider 99.3 when making your year-end donations.
  2. VOLUNTEER – It takes a lot of people in a varied mix of roles to keep this baby chugging along.  There’s surely something for everyone from on-air hosts to behind the scenes admin and fund raising support.  Roll up your sleeves and donate your time.
  3. JOIN – Becoming a member is an easy way to show your support. Become a voting member and join hundreds of your neighbours and friends in backing a local voice on the airwaves.

Have a Public Service Announcement?

If you have a public service announcement or community event that you’d like us to mention on the air, please visit the community events page.

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