The purpose of the County Community Radio project is to fund and operate a not for profit community radio station that reflects and enhances the richness, diversity and economic vitality of Prince Edward County

The station will operate according to the following principles:

  • Operating where feasible through volunteers
  • Seeking to provide content that is original to the County
  • Aiming to be available throughout the County
  • Addressing the needs of both residents and visitors
  • Encouraging broad participation in the development and delivery of programs
  • Promoting membership throughout the County
The official planning for the station started with a Kick Off Meeting in Bloomfield on November 30th, 2011. The following people were elected to form an initial Board whose goal is to prepare a business plan and license application for submission to the CRTC and to hold the first Members’ Meeting by the end of April 2012:
  • Ange Stever
  • Conrad Beaubien
  • Doug Monk
  • John Mather
  • Mary Sinclair
  • Peter Fleming
  • Shelagh Mathers
  • Treat Hull